• College Basketball
    (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Professional Basketball
    (NBA and WNBA)
  • College Football
  • Professional Baseball
    (Cincinnati Reds)

Other Live Broadcasts:

  • Auto Auctions
    (Mecum Muscle Cars & More)
  • Parades
    (Indy 500 Festival Parade)


  • ESPN Regional Television (ESPN+/ESPNU/ESPN360)
  • FOX Sports Indiana/Midwest/Ohio
  • Big Ten Network
  • HDNet
  • FOX Sports New England
  • FOX Sports Detroit
  • Ball State Sports Network
  • Missouri Valley Conference/Metro Sports
  • Indiana Cable Network

I received my Chyron Duet certification in October 2004 when Ball State University bought two Duet LEX’s. I started working with the Ball State Sports Network during the 2004-2005 College Basketball season. During Fall 2005 I began freelancing on a regular basis, working ESPN360 College Football games as a Duet Operator.

Since that time I’ve operated Duet for visitor feeds at Indiana Pacers games, operated (sans coordinator or assist) Duet for Metro Sports and ESPN360, operated Duet for ESPN Regional Television and Big Ten Network games.

A list of positions I haved worked is found below:

  • Font Operator - Chyron Duet
  • Font Assist - Infinit! and Duet operators
  • Clock and Score - FSN and ESPN systems